Christmas Eve and we’re still here. Rejoice!


Christmas Eve has always been the “real Christmas” for me. Following the traditions of my Norwegian ancestors, that is the day when the whole family gathers for meatballs, lefse and lots of presents. Everyone brings gifts for everyone else so that the living room is piled high in festive boxes. Many years the festivities continued late into the night as we each opened our presents in turn, slowly savoring each one.

This year there are not so many people here, as many have passed on and some have moved away. We cherish those who remain, especially those we might have lost. Last Christmas Eve, my uncle had a stroke at this very table. He has recovered and is with us again this year. My husband had stomach and esophagus surgery to remove a tumor this past year. Though he is not eating as much as he used to, he will still be making sure that he gets his share of the lefse, just like a real Norwegian. We rejoice for our family.

However you celebrate the holidays, best wishes for you and the ones you love.

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