The elusive book title decision

question bookYou’d think coming up with a title for a book would be the easiest thing in the world, especially a book focused on a single key leadership skill like effective decision-making. I’m writing a book covering many of the topics from this blog. Now I need a title, something that clearly indicates what it’s all about. Clearly the title should include the word “decision,” shouldn’t it?

The problem is that often when I tell people that I teach decision-making, they say, “Yes, that’s just choosing x or y.” Well, that’s part of it, but there’s so much more: Identifying the question to which x or y is an answer; understanding what you want to accomplish; looking for alternatives besides x and y; visualizing outcomes. The choice itself is way down at the bottom of the seven steps of effective decision-making:
1. Discover the decision to be made
2. Set a deadline to decide and to act
3. Identify the full range of goals and constraints
4. Identify the full range of alternatives
5. Visualize the consequences of each alternative
6. Choose the best alternative
7. Act on your decision

These steps take you from vague goals to positive action, so maybe that’s a title: From Vague Goals to Positive Action. No mention of “decisions.” This covers the full range of the subject. Well, the word “goals” is even more misleading than “decisions.” It calls to mind defining measurable objectives, setting a schedule of tasks and tracking progress. All good stuff, certainly, but not covered in this book.

So here I am, with a book about a process that I’ve been using and developing for 30 years. Talking about it, writing about it, using it all come easily. So why can’t I come up with a few words to describe it in a title?

Do you have any title ideas? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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