Here’s your turkey recipe…in Excel

Grandma Serves Holiday Dinner

Happy turkey day! We’ve been using this same recipe for turkey for decades. It came from my mother-in-law. I don’t know how long she’d been using it. It’s an old-fashioned recipe. You wrap the turkey in foil and it maintains the juices.

The problem we’ve always had with it is figuring out how long to cook the turkey, since it depends on the size of the bird. Then we need to work backwards from the time we want to eat to figure out when it goes in the oven, how early to prepare the stuffing, and what time we need to get up in the morning. Hmmm, table lookup, time calculations. This sounds like a job for Excel.

So here it is. It’s on the page, under “Just for Fun.” Give it the weight of your turkey and the time you want to eat and it does the rest. You can also adjust the time you spend preparing the stuffing, mashing the potatoes, or anything else in blue. The ingredients and all that are on another sheet in the same file.

This recipe assumes you are stuffing the turkey. As far as I’m concerned, the turkey is just a receptacle in which to cook the stuffing, so I don’t have a variation without stuffing. Yes, I know it’s just starch and grease, but it’s yummy and it’s Thanksgiving, so indulge.

Enjoy! Just one more proof of what I’ve always said. Excel…It’s not just for bean counters anymore.

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