About me


Hi, I’m Carol Jacoby. I’ve been an independent consultant since 2001. I live in Southern California with my husband Jerry. We’ve been married forever and we’re still crazy about each other. We like to travel and to kick back in our mountain cabin. We are the proud parents the world’s greatest kindergarten teacher  and we have three big grandpuppies.

My analytical and decision-making techniques are built on 28 years as a manager of mission analysis at Hughes Electronics and other firms. Here are a few of the questions I’ve worked on over my career:
• How to prevent drug smuggling (knowing that the smugglers can change routes and tactics quickly)
• How to protect a country against a missile attack
• How to improve highway transportation using future digital technologies
• How to set the payoff for a casino game, taking into account player strategies
• How to design a car to drive itself

The major issues in these questions — vague problems, multiple and conflicting goals, risks, and insufficient information — are the same ones faced by all leaders. I can share the powerful techniques I’ve used and developed.

One tool I particularly like is Microsoft Excel, especially for visualizing alternative or potential futures. The questions leaders ask are constantly changing, and Excel has the flexibility to handle that. Most Excel books and classes are geared to bean counters. I teach the few simple techniques that leaders need.

I love public speaking. I’m active in Toastmasters and accepted into their speakers bureau. At the same time, I love doing analysis. I have a PhD in math and I still do cutting-edge research in math. I do systems engineering and mission analysis through Jacoby Consulting. It’s not often that you find someone who can motivate you with a speech and then do sophisticated analysis of your problem.

I love teaching. My classes are hands-on. I’ve had many students enter my stats class with fear and leave saying it was fun. Bring your computer and your problems to my Excel class and you’ll leave with answers, and the knowledge to solve the next question that needs to be analyzed.

Contact me. I’d like to hear from you. I’d love to help you break through, take charge and move ahead.

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