Make It Happen

Make It Happen: Seven Steps to Positive Decisions

makeithappencover2This book is dedicated to all those who want to take charge by being a more effective decision-maker. Being an effective decision-maker helps you make the best choices, but more than that, it lets you decide what the choices are and, in fact, what problem is being solved. More than anything else, it puts you in charge of your life and your business. It is probably the most important skill for success.

Decision-making is both art and science. Decision science often focuses on making a choice among alternatives, yet being an effective decision-maker requires much more than this. This is where the art comes in. What is the most important problem to be solved? What are the alternatives? What does the future hold? What about all these conflicting goals? To do this well requires both courage and imagination. Pep talks help, but specific tools and techniques are better.

This book hits the sweet spot between the arcane mathematical theories of decision science and the fuzzy motivational techniques of the “reach for the stars” variety. This book offers simple but powerful techniques to help real people formulate and make real decisions.

Here are the seven steps of effective decision-making. Notice that making a choice is all the way down at number 6.

  1. Mission: Discover the question to be answered
  2. End-time: Set a deadline to reach a decision and to act
  3. Goals: Identify the full range of goals, needs, and constraints
  4. Alternatives: Identify the full range of options
  5. Visualization: Visualize the consequences of each alternative
  6. Insight: Choose the best alternative
  7. Make it happen: Act on your decision

Available late 2017

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