The runaway bridal shower

My daughter just commandeered my house and yard for a bridal shower for a good friend. I can remember a time (Now, doesn’t that make me sound old!) when a bridal shower was simply held in somebody’s apartment. Everybody sat around on mismatched folding chairs with plates balanced on their laps and had cake and … Continue reading The runaway bridal shower

The Myth of the “Right Decision”

The Myth of the “Right Decision” Sometimes bad things happen to good decisions. A few years ago my husband found a car that he really liked, but he wasn’t sure whether he could afford it. This was a difficult decision because he’s retired and living off his 401(k). He has no steady stream of income, … Continue reading The Myth of the “Right Decision”

The One-Minute Decision

We’re all barraged with decisions every day. We don’t have time for complex decision analysis. What we need is a way to make a one-minute decision. Here are some ideas: List the pros I found a great one-minute decision technique on the blog, “101 Questions That Will Change Your Life” by Jacqueline Garwood. Check … Continue reading The One-Minute Decision

Finding the Right Forks on the Right Road

What’s wrong with this picture? This is standard Microsoft clip art and I’ve used it in the past in my classes to illustrate decision-making. This is the stereotypical view of what a decision maker does—choosing among options. We talk about being “faced with a decision,” the implication being that it all starts when we have … Continue reading Finding the Right Forks on the Right Road