Which costs less the $130 or the $1700 coffee maker?

The answer is obvious, you say? Stick with me here. I wanted to buy a coffee maker that would make one fresh cup at a time, fully automatic and self-cleaning. The obvious choice is the popular Keurig machine, which Amazon is selling for $126.50. Insert a K-cup, push the button and that’s it. The extravagant … Continue reading Which costs less the $130 or the $1700 coffee maker?

The runaway bridal shower

My daughter just commandeered my house and yard for a bridal shower for a good friend. I can remember a time (Now, doesn’t that make me sound old!) when a bridal shower was simply held in somebody’s apartment. Everybody sat around on mismatched folding chairs with plates balanced on their laps and had cake and … Continue reading The runaway bridal shower

Overwhelmed? Big decisions in little time

"Aaaaugh! I can't go through seven steps to make a decision. Do you know how many decisions I have to make every day? I can't spend any time on them," he wailed. Have you ever felt like that? I have. In an earlier post I passed on several techniques for making a decision in a minute, … Continue reading Overwhelmed? Big decisions in little time

Time to shoot the engineers

When I was working as a mission analyst on major aerospace systems, there was a sign that someone had posted on the wall that read, “There comes a time in every project when you must shoot the engineers and begin production.” This was a warning to the engineers, who always wanted to build the perfect … Continue reading Time to shoot the engineers

Opportunity knocks. Are you just going to sit there?

My husband Jerry and I decided after a few years of marriage that we would have a baby. We thought this was our decision to make. We figured it would be easy. People do it all the time. In fact, a lot of people do it by accident. But nothing happened, and there were no … Continue reading Opportunity knocks. Are you just going to sit there?

Live intentionally. They do.

Living intentionally has been a theme of this blog lately. Take charge of your decisions and your life. I recently ran across a blog from a husband and wife who are really walking the talk, literally. The last I checked, they counted more than 62 million footsteps on their continuing worldwide trek. Daniel Noll and … Continue reading Live intentionally. They do.