Hire me


I will speak to your group on such topics as discovering the important issues, balancing priorities, or tools for decision-making. In fact, if you have a business group or non-profit in Los Angeles or Orange County, I may be able to speak at your event at no charge.


Put together a group of at least eight people and I will present one of my workshops at your site. Choose from the following topics or let me craft a workshop for your particular needs:
• Take Charge: From Vague Goals to Positive Action in Seven Steps
• The Decision-Maker’s Toolkit
• Excel for Decision-Makers
I also provide one-on-one training to meet individual needs.

Problem solving

Struggling with a particular issue? I will work with your group to frame the problem, understand the goals and constraints, expand the alternatives, visualize the consequences, and develop a plan of action. Predictive analysis, effectiveness analysis, trade studies, and risk assessment are some of the tools that will strengthen your understanding of the issues and solidify your recommendations.


Most of my analysis is done using Microsoft Excel. I will give you the spreadsheets so that you may play “what-if” with your problem, trying out alternatives or examining scenarios yourself. This gives you a much deeper understanding of the issue than would a static report. I can also quickly teach you the essentials of spreadsheets for decision-makers or build a custom spreadsheet to address your specific issue.


A mission analysis study of your problem includes collecting inputs from stakeholders; identifying goals, needs, requirements, and constraints; developing alternative solutions; hypothesizing future scenarios; predicting mission effectiveness for the alternatives; performing trade-off analysis; and making recommendations. Deliverables include interim and final presentations, all spreadsheets, and a detailed final report.

How can I help you?

I am available to help you on an hourly or project basis. There is no charge for the initial consultation. Contact me to find out what I can do for you.

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